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Arts Umbrella is committed to providing kids and youth a safe, supportive place for their creativity to flourish, because creativity lets kids say “I’m an artist” and know it means freedom. Freedom to explore their potential, freedom to express ideas, and freedom to be themselves. A freedom that’s unstoppable.

Each day of each year, we see the lasting power of the arts at Arts Umbrella. Thousands of young lives changed for good – confident, strong, and ready to take on the world.

Every child should get to experience this freedom. Please join us and help make this freedom a reality for more kids.


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Community Programs 

Community programs harness the Arts Umbrella magic, expertise and experience and deliver free-of-charge programs to students in communities across Metro Vancouver. Outreach classes, workshops and performances remove geographic, cultural and financial barriers to children's participation and provide them with opportunities to explore their creativity, and provide access to the life-long benefits of arts education.

Music & Theatre 

The Theatre & Music programs allow students to explore a vast range of performance styles. They gain an understanding of the relationship between the body and the instrument, and use this understanding as a tool for self-expression. Skills such as melody, harmony, memorization and storytelling help students develop an appreciation for the rehearsal and performance processes. Students work collaboratively on creative projects to pursue their ideas while recognizing the needs of others.

Visual & Applied Arts 

Explorations in various art forms - from painting and drawing, to architecture, photography and fashion design - teach students how to represent their ideas and the world around them in two and three dimensions. Students are introduced, in various levels of depth, to elements and principles of visual and applied arts. They explore colour, line, form, shape, space, texture, balance, rhythm, pattern, contrast, focus and composition by using a wide variety of materials and techniques. 

Media Arts

Media Arts students learn how to use new, digital media for creative expression and discovery. Students develop an understanding of the fundamental visual arts concepts, such as line, colour and shape, as they explore their own artistic voice through new media. They are also introduced to composition, rhythm and timing, as well as interactive and non-linear design. Techniques of media art production, such as storyboarding, image development and editing, further their ability to express their creative ideas in new and innovative ways.


Arts Umbrella’s Dance program is internationally recognized for producing highly employable graduates who are dancing in companies around the world. The high-quality training develops the whole dancer, stressing technique, strength, intellectual and artistic expression, with a focus on health and wellness. The program has a strong foundation in Classical Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance forms. Program options range from early learning creative movement classes to career-level dance training, including half-day academic and graduate-level programs.

Donations of $10 and above receive a charitable tax receipt.

Children's Arts Umbrella Association Charitable Registration Number:  11885 2300 RR0001